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VolleyHouse proudly serves female volleyball athletes just beginning their volleyball career to college-level athletes and anywhere in between. We are the only volleyball training facility in the Milwaukee area to solely focus on the training and development of athletes.


At VolleyHouse, our philosophy revolves around coaching the entire athlete within four categories:

  1. Fundamentals - having a solid understanding of fundamentals in the sport of volleyball will allow the athlete to compete at their best and continue to grow in the sport. 

  2. Mental Toughness - Pushing athletes to understand their mind and body can do more than the narrative they tell themselves. Helping the athlete change the narrative they tell themselves when they are not performing the way they want or believe they cannot do something. 

  3. Leadership/Becoming a Better Teammate - teach athletes how to be great leaders within their team by giving them tools to use during drills and game time. Also, helping athletes understand how to communicate, listen, be accountable, make eye contact, have a good attitude, and have fun to be the best teammate they can be for the team. 

  4. Life Lessons - Playing sports at the end of the day is an extremely small part of their life. As a coach, if we do not instill life lessons into our coaching practices and philosophy we have not done our job to make the player/person better.




Samie Riley grew up in Merton, WI, and attended Arrowhead High School where she was a four-year letter winner in volleyball, a two-year letter winner in track and field, and a one-year letter winner in soccer. Samie was on track to play collegiate volleyball but suffered a career-ending injury in her junior year. She went on to graduate from Cardinal Stritch University with a major in Sports Management and a minor in Coaching. 


In 2017, Samie started coaching college volleyball at Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) as an Assistant Coach and is still currently in that role. She has been able to train with all positions but specializes as the lead first contact and defensive coach. While at WLC Samie has helped coached eight different players to a total of 13 all-conference honors.


Samie started coaching club volleyball at Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club during the 2012-2013 season. During Samie’s first two seasons with Sting, she coached at the U10 level. During the following nine years with Sting, she has coached the following age groups, U14-1, U12-3, U12-1 twice, U14-2, and U18-4 twice. In over her 10 years coaching for Milwaukee Sting, Samie worked six years of summer camps, while being a lead court coach during camps. She has had six teams compete at Nationals and five of those teams have finished in the top five of their respective gold bracket. In 2019 she also coached a player to be named an AAU All-American at Nationals. 


Samie has also coached two years of high school volleyball at Sussex Hamilton High School. She was the JV Head Coach in 2013 and the Varsity Assistant Coach in 2014. Samie started her coaching career in 2010 with Winona JO Volleyball Club at the 10U level for two seasons. 


TRAINING Services & Pricing


  • 1 player: $85

  • 2 players: $60/player

  • One Hour - 3-4 players: $50/player

  • One and a Half Hours 3-4 players: $70/player

  • One Hour 5-6 players: $45/player

  • One and a Half Hours 5-6 players: $60/player


  • Private Training

    • 1-on-1 is great for players looking to work on

      • Specific part(s) of a skill. i.e timing for approach, or platform angles when passing

      • New players that are not confident starting group training yet

  • Position Group Training

    • Specific position training in groups no larger than 4 or 6 players

    • Position Group Training Offerings

      • Serving

      • Serve and Serve Receive

      • Defense

      • Pin Hitter Attacking

      • Middle Hitter Attacking

      • Setting

      • Blocking

  • Film Breakdown

    • In this 30-minute in-person session, Coach Samie will go over film with the athlete to help the athlete study their skills and better their gameplay. Watching film on yourself or others is a great learning method by receiving visual reps without performing the skill. Most youth athletes do not have the opportunity to watch film on themselves OR if they have film on themselves they are not sure how to break down what they see. Athletes can expect to receive feedback on multiple items including but not limited to their skills, mental toughness, body language, communication, and more!

    • $45 per session

Once you click "Book Now" you'll be taken to our third-party booking agent to schedule your time.



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