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As a seasoned basketball professional with a rich background in both collegiate and international play, Dave brings a wealth of experience to the coaching arena. As the starting point guard for Santa Clara University in Division I and Central Washington University in Division II,  Dave honed in on his skills and leadership on the court. After making significant contributions as the starting point guard, Dave earned recognition as Honorable Mention All Conference in the competitive Great Northwest Athletic Conference.

Taking his passion for the game beyond the collegiate level, he embarked on a one-year professional stint in Germany Region 2, further developing his understanding of the global basketball landscape. This experience not only expanded his knowledge but also enhanced his ability to adapt to different playing styles and cultures.

Returning to the United States, Dave embraced a coaching role as the West Bend East Head Varsity Assistant for the 2022-2023 season. In this position, he applied his extensive playing background to mentor and guide emerging talents, fostering a culture of teamwork, discipline, and excellence. Dave's coaching philosophy revolves around instilling the values of hard work, strategic thinking, and effective communication, both on and off the court.

With a commitment to player development, tactical innovation, and fostering a positive team culture, Dave is dedicated to not only cultivating successful athletes but also nurturing individuals who embody sportsmanship and resilience. As a coach,  his goal is to continue making a lasting impact on the basketball community, inspiring players to reach their full potential and succeed both in the game and in life.

NEX-GEN Performance 

TRAINING Services & Pricing


  • 1:1 Private Training (Max 1 Player) : $50/session

  • Semi Private Training (Max 2 players) : $40/session

  • Group Training (Max 8 players) : $30/session

  • Dr. Dish Semi Private Training (Max 3 players) : $60/session

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